About Art by Meira

About the Shop:

 At Art by Meira, we strive to offer a carefully curated selection of goods to brighten your day. After all, who doesn’t love having beautifully designed everyday items? From travel mugs to tote bags, we’ve got you covered.

Art by Meira is an Israeli small business.

Photo of Sara Meira Herman. The artist behind @Art_by_Meira

About Sara Meira Herman: 

Sara Meira Herman is an abstract artist who’s preferred medium is oil paints on canvas. She’s been painting for over 10 years, made Aliyah, and currently lives in Jerusalem, Israel. She strives to create a variety of vibrant and soulful paintings.

Since the start of the war in Israel, she has been highly involved in local volunteer work. The day after the war began, she headed over to her local care packaging location. After running into a friend who was coordinating, she began assisting with the projects logistics. Together, the project was able to help get 1000s of packages to soldiers deployed suddenly due to the events of Oct 7th.

Meira truly understood the need to provide a space for people to actively be helping and not just sitting at home. "When we ran out of supplies to pack, I started asking people to write letters. Even if we didn't need more at that point. Some people left, a lot, would sit at a table and talk to others while writing. People needed a place to be". 

She has since been interviewed by several news sources, such as Jpost and The Epoch Times about her volunteer efforts (links below).  


“We were at an artists shop on a school trip when I was young. One of the teachers told me that they weren’t buying anything because the different paintings the artist offered were all too similar. I took that to heart and strive never to be an artist who sticks to only one style. Art should never become repetitive.” - Sara Meira Herman


You can watch Meira's interview with Jpost here
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